Taking Back Control of Our Seas

Myself and my colleagues at the Angling Trust recently heard that a well-known sea angling club was planning to make representations to the Home Secretary to insist that a 12-mile exclusion zone from EU boats is implemented to “preserve the rights of British vessels, both commercial and recreational”. From my experience, UK commercial fishermen (but … Continue reading Taking Back Control of Our Seas


The CFP and RSA – Part 2

I’m sure that many of my own friends genuinely believe that the promotion of catch and release bass angling (C&R) is the responsible thing to do, especially with a resource that has been terribly over-exploited. But let me paint an alternative picture. I believe that recreational sea angling (RSA) needs to promote itself as a sector … Continue reading The CFP and RSA – Part 2

The CFP and Recreational Sea Angling

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) was initiated WITHOUT any consideration of Recreational Sea Angling. Our activity wasn’t even on the radar screen. The CFP’s development (until very recently) took place without any recognition of RSA either for its social value, its economic/employment impacts, its impact on the environment (including fish stocks) or indeed its existence … Continue reading The CFP and Recreational Sea Angling

Artisanal fishing? Not so much!

In this edition of our new series of fortnightly sea angling blogs I thought I’d have a crack at the romantically named “artisanal fishing” industry. The commercial fishing industry, particularly netters working from smaller boats, regularly promote their activities as “artisanal”. Such descriptions serve well to paint their activities as ‘low impact’ or ‘traditional’ and … Continue reading Artisanal fishing? Not so much!