Artisanal fishing? Not so much!

In this edition of our new series of fortnightly sea angling blogs I thought I’d have a crack at the romantically named “artisanal fishing” industry. The commercial fishing industry, particularly netters working from smaller boats, regularly promote their activities as “artisanal”. Such descriptions serve well to paint their activities as ‘low impact’ or ‘traditional’ and … Continue reading Artisanal fishing? Not so much!


Andrews Of Arcadia

John Andrews' vintage fishing tackle stall at London's Spitalfields Market harks back to my grandfather’s era, and before, with a range of coarse, game and sea angling items from an age of cane, brass and oiled leather; a welcome antidote to today's world of carbon fibre, fluorocarbon and neoprene. The pick of the items when I … Continue reading Andrews Of Arcadia