The Battle of Bexhill

After the roaring success of September’s very first Bexhill Sea Angling Festival, where 10,000 people attended in just one day, we thought it would be a ‘no brainer’ for Rother District Council to continue supporting it next year.

So it came as a hell of a shock when it transpired that the Council’s Scrutiny Committee had recommended that Rother could not afford to help finance next year’s festival and no funding for 2013 would be forthcoming.

Fortunately, due to some extensive lobbying by the Angling Trust and other heroic members of the organising committee, the Council has now changed its mind and looks set to provide £10,000 to help fund next year’s festival.

It’s not that we don’t realise the financial pressure that all local authorities are under at the moment but the festival has huge potential in regenerating Bexhill and supporting jobs and local businesses as it grows. Bexhill knows it is in critical need of regeneration and the seafront was recently redeveloped in order to stage events like the Sea Angling Festival to try and achieve this.

Whilst £10,000 is incredibly welcome from the Council we are also looking for commercial sponsors to come on board and be part of the biggest celebration of sea angling on the South Coast. Next year’s plans include building on the success of last year while adding to it with more events for junior anglers, an education and learning element and bringing on board more local businesses from around the town.

If you know any businesses that would like to sponsor Bexhill 2013 get in touch and let us know

Thousands of people turned out to enjoy this year’s Bexhill Sea Angling Festival.